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4 Reasons to Purchase a New Home in the Fall

4 Reasons to Consider Purchasing a New Home this Fall if You're in the Market
Fall in Iowa means a couple of things: lots of football, tailgating, the return of jackets to your wardrobe and the harvest. However, there is also another season to be aware of at this time of year – fall home season.
According to Realtor.com, fall is the busiest time for buying a home other than spring. Why? For one, the weather is more pleasant to move in than during the sweltering summer heat or freezing cold of winter. There are also things like year-end tax breaks, holidays and motivated sellers to consider as well.
As your community mortgage lender, MBT Bank wants you to be aware of all the benefits of purchasing a home in the fall and why it may just be the right choice for you.
Take Advantage of Year-End Tax Breaks
What kind of deductions are we talking about? For starters, home owners can deduct both mortgage interest and property taxes from their gross income at tax time. Also, any prepaid interest before the due date of your first payment and closing your loan before the end of the year mean more deductions for you.
Motivated Sellers
Home availability and demand is still high in the fall. With many sellers motivated to sell their home before winter hits, you may find they are easier to negotiate with. Speaking of winter…
Stay Ahead of the Seasons
Let’s be honest: no one wants to move in the dead of winter. Have you ever tried moving a heavy armoire when you can’t feel your fingers and toes? Purchasing in the fall allows for more favorable weather as you move.
Get Set for the Holidays
Another reason to purchase in the fall is to get settled in before the holiday season hits. Late November and December are busy and stressful times anyway, so reducing that stress by making your move in advance is a wise choice.
Another great reason to purchase a home during the fall is the mortgage lending staff at MBT Bank. They take the time to listen to your needs, take into account your financial situation and help you find the mortgage term and rate that work for you.
Get in touch with them today to see how they can help you get into a new home this fall!