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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Checking Account

These tips can help you choose a checking account that is best for you.

These tips can help you choose a checking account that is best for you.

The summer season holds new beginnings for many people. Whether you recently graduated, started a new job, got married or are taking time for a mid-year financial checkup, the summer is a great time to evaluate or start new financial habits.

Choosing a checking account that works for your lifestyle is an important part of starting financially responsible habits. Here are five questions you can ask yourself to ensure you are choosing the right checking account.

  1. Are you single or married? If you are recently married, consider a joint checking account. If you are single, your balance will probably be lower than if you are married with a joint checking account so be aware of checking accounts that have balance requirements triggered at various balance levels.
  2. What services are included? These include things like a debit card, online banking access, access to an online bill pay feature, electronic bank statements, direct deposit, remote check deposit or other services that make managing your money easier.
  3. What are the account benefits? Many checking accounts have perks associated with them, including interest earned on the balance, cash back, or other account benefits like rewards programs. Make sure you understand your benefits so you can maximize them.
  4. What are the balance requirements? Some accounts incur a fee when your balance drops below a certain amount. For instance, if you use most of your paycheck between pay periods, you would be better off with an account with a low minimum balance requirement.
  5. Are the fees minimal, or can they be avoided? Fees can include monthly maintenance fees, fees for not hitting a certain number of transactions and so on. Most accounts have stipulations to help you avoid fees, such as a certain number of debit transactions per billing period.

No matter what your new beginning may be, opening a checking account is a great place to start when considering your finances.  MBT Bank can help you select the right option for you with a number of checking account options. You can visit us online to learn more about our checking accounts.

We wish you the best of luck with your new beginning this summer! MBT Bank is always here for all of your banking needs.