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National Coupon Month

Save some cash by couponing this month.

Save some cash by couponing this month.

September is National Coupon Month! MBT Bank wants to help you save each time you visit the store, so we would like to take this opportunity to highlight how important couponing can be and tips on you can improve your couponing habits.

We all know that coupons can help us save, but couponing can also create responsible shopping and money management habits:

  • Can help you become more aware of price differences between brands and products.
  • Can help you feel more confident when bargaining with sales people and looking to receive the best prices.
  • Can help your kids learn the importance of saving, understand percentages and to perform basic mental math.
  • Learn how to watch for sales to make your couponing really count!

Now that we know how important couponing can be, let’s explore some basic tips on making the most of your couponing:

  • Check for online coupons with online coupon providers such as retailmenot.com.
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite stores. They can send coupons and notify you of any sales via email.
  • Along with signing up for store emails, consider signing up for stores that offer rewards programs. These programs are usually free and offer you coupons at certain checkpoints.
  • Clip coupons when you are sure that you will use them. Coupons can help you buy the items you need a more affordable prices, but if you use a coupon just because it is about to expire then you may end up buying something you don’t actually need.

Once you get the hang of couponing, you may start to see a little extra money left in your budget each month. A savings account from MBT Bank is a great place to store, manage and grow your monthly surplus. Contact us today for more information on our savings accounts!