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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

The season of giving doesn’t have to end with December. Here at MBT Bank we want to start the year by inspiring kindness! Never underestimate the power of thoughtful sentiment or action.

There are so many small and valuable things you can do to impact the life of another. While some of them are financially bound, others can be simple tasks, such as opening the door for someone. This year challenge yourself to more acts of kindness, random or not.

1. Pay for the person’s food or beverage behind you in line.

2. Write a letter to a soldier.

3. Donate new and used toys to daycares or children’s hospitals.

4. Cook a meal for a family who may be without.

5. Give a good server the largest tip you can afford.

6. Scoop snow or do other yard work for your neighbor.

7. Pick up trash at an area park.

8. Offer assistance to a charitable organization with your time and skills.

9. Bake treats for your area’s school teachers.

10. Visit a nursing home and spend time with the residents.

11. Donate your deer to the Iowa HUSH program to help feed Iowa citizens in need.

In addition to being kinder in 2016 you may find yourself becoming happier as well! With so many opportunities to make a difference, this list will help you get started! Add your own acts of kindness and see what you can do to better the lives of others this year.

If you’d like to contribute to others in a financial avenue let us know, we’d love to help! MBT Bank can assist you in remaining anonymous in donations, arrange monthly transfers, dispense cash for personal giving, and more!