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Tips to Save On Your Next Big Road Trip

If you are hitting the road this spring, check out these tips to save money.

If you are hitting the road this spring, check out these tips to save money.

Are you planning to hit the road for spring break this year? Though meals, hotels, entertainment, and gas are not cheap, a family road trip doesn’t need to blow your budget. Follow some of these saving tips from MBT Bank and get ready to roll!

Drive a larger vehicle – While this may seem counter-intuitive, the money you will save by packing an extra cooler for food or making room for camping equipment will make up for the cost of extra gas.

Consider camping – While hotels bring a lot of convenience, setting up camp is a fraction of the cost. Camping is an especially great option if you want to explore National Parks. If you don’t own any camping equipment, you probably know someone who does that will let you borrow it for a week.

Pack your food – Even fast food meals add up quickly when you are eating them three times a day. Plan ahead and take the time to prepare some quick and easy meals before you leave. Having a cooler full of sandwiches, drinks, and snacks will be much cheaper and healthier than stopping for a burger every few hours.

Stop by free attractions – While there are probably specific sites you want to see and pay for, there will also be times when you need to pull over to let the kids burn some stored up energy. Instead of stopping at another rest stop, make a memory and stop by one of the many roadside attractions on your way. The Roadside America app is full of quirky roadside attractions – most of which are free and entertaining!

Get your vehicle checked before you go – Having a break down is the easiest way to spoil a road trip. Calling a tow truck, relying on a new mechanic and possibly staying a night or two while waiting for repairs to be made can add up to a huge expense. Having your vehicle checked out before you leave can save a lot of money and stress down the road!

Road trips are a great way to spend time with your family and make great memories (and some not so great ones that you will laugh at in a few years) together. If you are ready to hit the highway, we wish you safe travels! For more tips on saving for your family’s next vacation, talk to the experts at MBT Bank!