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Welcome to the New MBT Bank Blog

As your trusted community bank, MBT Bank works every day to help you reach your personal or business goals by offering the best banking and lending products with friendly and knowledgeable customer service.  We want to ensure we are here to help our customers make the best financial decisions possible for their future.
The MBT Bank blog will help us achieve this goal by acting as a platform for important bank news, financial “how-tos”, and other advice and tips for your financial life. Whether you need help deciding on the right type of mortgage, how to create a budget, eliminating reckless spending or when you should start saving for retirement, you will be able to find answers to your questions on the MBT Bank blog.
Our hope is that we can help you make better financial decisions through education on numerous financial topics, with the end goal being a more financially literate and knowledgeable community.
Be sure to check back here often for the latest updates, news and tips, and as always, if you have questions, you can contact your nearest MBT Bank office.
We hope to see you soon!