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Winter Savings Tactics- Beating the Cold

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After shoveling snow or walking in and out of blustery winds all day, nothing beats stepping inside a warm, toasty home. However, it’s not just electricity burning to keep you warm, but your cold hard cash. Save money this winter with these around-the-home winter additions from MBT Bank.

  1. Turn off the heater, turn on the fan: Fifth-grade science taught you that heat rises. Finally get a chance to put that knowledge to use by flipping the switch on your ceiling fan set to low. A counter-clockwise rotation can push warm air down to where you actually need it.
  2. Make use of socks and hats: Your feet and your head are vents for the body, helping you let off steam when you overheat. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop during the winter months. Trap natural heat with wool or polar fleece hats and socks as you pad around the home, and the rest of your body will be grateful.
  3. Keep blinds closed: Obviously, keeping your blinds wide open during the day helps soak up warm sunlight. Keep that heat contained at night by shutting the blinds to provide extra insulation.
  4. Secure your garage: If your house is separated from your garage by nothing but a door, heat will trickle out and cold will creep in. Add a sweep to your garage door, which is a nothing more than a metal strip easily screwed into position under your door, to block out drafts.
  5. Replace your furnace filter: A forced air heating system removes dust from the air by catching it in a filter, making it easier to breathe. However, a clogged filter means the fan must run longer to circulate heat through your home. Replace the filter regularly for a quick, cost-saving fix.
  6. Close off unused rooms: Guest room or sitting area used only for special occasions? You’re heating up a whole lot of nothing, if that’s the case. Manually shut the vents in unused rooms to redirect heat elsewhere, and slide blankets under door cracks and around windows to stop warm air from trickling in.
  7. Insulate your water heater: Lightly touch your tank hot water heater – is it warm, or is it hot? If it’s the latter, drape it in an insulating blanket to keep heat trapped in the tank. Otherwise, it escapes to its surroundings, which makes the tank run longer and harder – and makes you burn more money.

A couple of small changes add up to big differences in the end. MBT Bank has a number of personal savings account options to invest all that money you’ll save by saving energy this winter, so look around and let us know how we can help!


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