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Winter Savings Tactics- Ways to Cut Spending

The weather outside is frightful, and unfortunately, you need to face it.

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Last week’s blog covered tips for winterizing your home to save heat and money this winter. This week, we suggest a few ways to save your cold, hard cash when you’re out and about in these frozen winter months:

1. Pump up your tires: Low tire pressure kills gas mileage, and as temperatures drop, so will the pressure in your tires. Buy a tire gauge for $1 at an auto store, and fill up at a gas station offering free air. Just double check your manual to make sure you’re not over-filling.

2. Slash your pizza budget: We get it. When it’s cold and slushy and bitterly windy, the last thing you want to do for dinner is hop in the car to grocery shop. It’s the reason why sales of delivery meals spikes by 25 percent in colder months. However, when the cost of most entrees shake out to $11 with tax and delivery fees, you’re better off making food from scratch and splurging on delivery only once a month.

3. Trust generic remedies: When your throat is raging, you want the best cure available. Before you shell out big bucks at your upscale health food store, consider that overwhelming evidence suggests health supplements and herbs don’t work. What does? Store-brand aspirin, salt and warm water solutions, and honey to fix a variety of ailments, all of which you already have stashed in your cupboard for cheap.

4. Brew it yourself: Nothing warms you up quite like a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Frequenting coffee shops and kiosks at $5 per mug adds up to over $120 per month for your weekday indulgence. Save all kinds of money by making your own java at home, and make inexpensive investments in coffee mixers and syrups to customize your drink.

5. Shop for quality: Some winter clothes like sweaters, hats, and socks are meant to last only a season or two, and they can be replaced for cheap at end-of-winter sales. Outerwear like coats and boots might be pricier, but they should last you a decade or more with proper care. Invest in durable, quality outerwear to save yourself from making a big purchase again next year.

You don’t need to burn your cash in order to stay warm and sunny this winter. Put that money to good use with any number of our investment options instead!


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